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All the existing projects that were started or improved after 9 November 2011 will be reported on this page. Previous projects that were implemented under UPH Namibia are available at http://www.uphnamibia.com/reports.html.


15 Apr 2011

Reports on FSD

Phase 1

25 Jan 2012

Feedback on the

2nd AAHC

05 May 2012

Feedback on Rhenish AIDS

15 Jun 2012

Feedback on Orange Babies Training

Table Gardens  a new project in Namibia!


NHTs Veggie Tunnel Production Statistics based on Sampled Tunnels

15 Sep 2012

Feedback on the Orange Babies Table Garden Project

27 Nov 2012

NLCC member training on Table Gardening and basic horticulture

17 Jan 2013

Year-end Report by the TOT for Hope Village; Emmanuel Muyumba 2012

31 Jan 2013

Fedback from NLCC after the November 2012 training -  

E Myburgh

15 Apr 2013

Feedback on Hope Village Veggie Tunnels

17 Apr 2013

Feedback on Table Gardens of the Ladies in Goreangab 2

20 Apr 2013

Implementation and feedback on the Hope Village vermicompost farm

23 Apr 2013

Feedback on the Agri-trap Physical pest and diseases control product

29 Apr 2013

Report back on the training program for SAN students from Karamachan

25 Apr 2013

Final Report from Jacob Rutz - Intern from the Centre for Global Education

1 May 2013

Progress Report on the NLCC Table Garden Project

Reports on the FSD Project Phase 1 when NHT used to be UPH Namibia.  Click here!

The Report on the All Africa Horticulture Congress at Skukuza in the Kruger National Park, South Africa where Albert was a presenter.

Click here!

The All Africa Horticulture Congress 2012


As part of Phase 2 of the FSD project, NHT have installed 2 large Veggie Tunnels with the Rhenish HIV Project in Rehoboth, south of Windhoek.  Photos!


The Orange Babies training program was completed successfully during June 2012. This was a 2 week course training mothers the art of “Table Gardening”!  

Venue: Hope Village. Trainer: Emmanuel - Photos!

The Orange Babies Women Table Garden Project has started on

15 Aug 2012. Eleven Ladies are involved in Goreangab 2.

Trainer: Emmanuel - Photos!

NHT has offered Namibia Life Change Centres (NLCC) participants a 2 day training course on Table Gardening which was extended to general Horticulture as well. Please see the NLCC Report and the Action Plan for the future. Also see the course Photos.

NHT has supported the Hope Village Veggie Tunnel Project for more than 2 years now and Emmanuel Muyumba has filed this year End Report: Report  Also, see his  Table Garden Concept

Namibie Life Change Centres (NLCC) has sent us feedback on the progress of their Centres after the training they have received in November 2012.

See the feedback and the photos!

Emmanuel Muyumba has filed a progress report on the Hope Village Horticulture Veggie Tunnels.


This is a follow-up report on the Orange Babies Table Garden Project which started as a pilot project. Report

NHT has started a Vermicompost production ‘Farm’ which in essence is a small area where this special compost is produced. This is Emmanuel’s first attempt and he was assisted by Jacob Rutz from the USA an intern with NHT sponsored by the Centre for Global Education. Report

NHT has done a research project on the Agri-Trap physical pest and disease control product and the effectiveness thereof on aphids on cabbage plants that were reaching mature growth after planting.  Report

Four students from the SAN community attended a basic course on Urban Horticulture with NHT in Windhoek as part of a pilot project initiated by IRDNC. The program was successful and they will now move on the the second phase of their training. Report

Jacob who is from the USA did part of his internship program with NHT in Windhoek, which was a great success! He interacted on various topics and NHT is missing him already!  Report

The NLCC’s project coordinator has recently filed a progress report on the ‘after training’ progress with their Table Garden Project, sponsored by Letshego Namibia.  Report

7 May 2013

Report on the bi-lateral meeting between NHT and EBI/EBC

12 May 2013

Report on the IRDNC & Karamachan Pilot Project

NHT had a very successful meeting with the Senior Leadership of the EBI/EBC in Rundu on the 7th of May 2013. This meeting sets the foundation for Projects at EBI in Rundu and EBC at DiHokoHoko Report

NHT delivered 2 Veggie Tunnels on Friday 10 May 2013 as part of an IRDNC and Karamachan Pilot Project in the Divunyu area close to Divundu in the West Caprivi Report

16 Jul 2013

Report on Hope Village’s general progress with the Veggie Tunnels

Report by Emmanuel Muyumba on the general progress with the Jope Village Veggie Tunnel Project  Report

11 Jul 2013

Report on the Samaritan’s Upgrade Project in Okahandja

Emmanuel Muyumba travelled to the Samaritans project to upgrade existing tunnels that are more than 4 years in service  Report

22 Jun 2013

Report on Aina’s Table Garden training

Aina has volunteered to do training on Table Gardens to be able to plant her own veggies at home  Report

20 Jul 2013

Report on Hupitha Oomwenyo support group training in Okahandja

The workshop was organized by Peace Corps in collaboration with a support group ‘Hupitha Oomwenyo support group’ and the office of the councilor in Okahandja. Training by AD Fosso Report

13 Aug 2013

’Sustainable, Ecological Crop and Horticulture Conference’

Albert attended a ‘Sustainable, Ecological Crop and Horticulture Conference’ for large scale farmers from 8-9 August 2013 at Okahandja, Namibia Report

17 Aug 2013

Veggie Tunnel Project at Rosh Pinah in the south of Namibia

Emmanuel got an 8 tunnel project going at Rosh Pinah as part of a Community Project. It is facilitated by the Namibia Centership Health Volunteer Training, Tutungeni Centre for Hope, Rosh Pinah.  Report

21 Aug 2013

Veggie Tunnel Project at Rosh Pinah official handover

Emmanuel travelled to Rosh Pinah to hand over the Community Project. It is facilitated by the Namibia Centership Health Volunteer Training, Tutungeni Centre for Hope, Rosh Pinah.  Report